• Plays 11 different funny shutup phrases and is ideal as a funny office gift.
  • Talks, has background sound effects and batteries are included!
  • Funny gag gift and is a great office gift idea!
  • Ideal for the office, pranks, gadgets, gag gifts, stocking stuffers, college dorm rooms, gifts, desk toys, office humor, coworkers, and even the kitchen table.
  • Eleven HaHa! Phrases:From quick and rapid laughing to a cute giggle, this desk gift is more than just a paperweight! The button offers eleven different phrases in all, spoken with different voices and different moods, so there’s the perfect laugh for any situation.
  • High Quality:Manufactured under strict standards, the well-constructed HaHa! Button promises durability, crisp audio, and a hilarious office prank in one! With a flashing top and bright orange base, it’ll be the funny gift that anyone would love.